John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence
John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence

Welcome to the website for the South Berwick Maine GOP! Our Town Committee includes all registered Republicans in South Berwick, Maine. Our job is to elect Republicans to local, state, and national office. Our candidates will defend the Bill of Rights from all encroachments.

It is our goal to support the ideals of the Republican Party, which include limited government and local control as the best road to economic prosperity and lives unimpeded by excessive government regulations and interference. We strongly favor international stability through a robust National defense and offer our enduring thanks and support to our men and women in uniform as well as our veterans. We also offer support and gratitude to our police and firefighters who keep our neighborhoods safe.

We would like to add that contrary to what some may believe; we love clean air and water. We love kids. We love dogs, cats, ponies and all furry creatures. We also love rainbows and lollipops. We are just a bit skeptical about fairy dust and promises that are too big to keep. We don’t think anyone or thing is too big to fail.