About Us

What is the American Experiment/the American Dream for us? That question can be answered like this: we are the freest nation on earth, free to live how we wish, free to say what we want to say, worship how we choose, and work towards goals unimagined elsewhere. We have these freedoms because of the Constitution.

What makes us Republicans? We are Republicans because we support our Constitutional Republic. We believe that only this form of government can ensure that the rule of law reigns supreme and that minorities are protected. Democracy is based on mob rule. Yes, it’s that important to understand the difference.

We would like to reiterate that contrary to what some may believe; we love clean air and water. We love kids. We love dogs, cats, ponies and all furry creatures. We also love rainbows and lollipops. We are just a bit skeptical about fairy dust and promises that are too big to keep. We don’t think anyone or thing is too big to fail.